Scenery for ridge flying
Posted by jjmaloss on November 16 2010 14:44:43
There is new scenery available at
It is scenry in the southern Appalachian mountains and in the Sequatchie valley. The latter is a dead end valley long about 100 km. The sides of the valley are plateaus that are about 300 metres (1000 feet) above the valley floor. Distance records have been broken there. The ridge works by NW wind and usually after a cold front passes by. The scenery is not very spectacular (does not look like Fayence) but people can have incredible flights. There is also a gliderport in the scenery called Chilhowee that is at the foot of a 27 km long ridge.
The mountain above the airport is 2350 feet (800 metres) higher. Same thing the ridge works when the wind is from the NW. This ridge is excellent for learning ridge soaring. The files are the following: